How To Become a Millionaire



Lynda Paul

So You Want to Become a Millionaire?

Change your mindset – think like a millionaire now.

Develop a written game plan – a personalized financial plan

Re-define your priorities and create new habits

Understand how Compound Interest works – read pages 136 – 141 in my #1 International Bestselling book on Financial Literacy.

✔ Pay your future self, first. Re-examine your beliefs on the word “saving”. Use the terminology “re-allocate” funds to your future, instead.  Create a monthly spending plan and re-allocate a portion of your income to your future, then pay your bills.                                     

Manage your debt – there is such a thing as good debt. Use leverage wisely.

Invest in dividend-paying stocks and real estate.

Start a business and / or create a side hustle for passive income.

Do a SWOT analysis and prepare for contingencies.

Get professional help by hiring a CFP® Professional or ask someone wise to be your money management mentor / financial accountability partner.

Be prepared to face challenges, setbacks, and failures along the way. Becoming a millionaire requires patience, discipline, and perseverance. Ready? Set. Grow!

Will you help eradicate financial illiteracy?  Please purchase 2 copies of my book and share it with your accountability partner. Everyone has a role to play. 

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